Custom Fields

When creating a custom field Custom Press will generate an id for  the field using the first 10 characters of the title with a prefix and suffix. So a text field with the title ‘My text field’  may be given  the identifier ‘ct_My_text_fi_text_2fh8’.  This is a important feature which ensures the meta data field keys are unique.   Keep this in mind when writing the custom code as these keys are needed to get the meta data.

My method for the title is to enter a short code initially, then after the field is created ( and CustomPress has generated a key) change it to my preferred title. So for the ‘Description’ field I might enter ‘descrip’ as the initial value. Custompress generates ‘ct_descript_text_59d0’. I then edit it back to ‘Description’.

A custom field must be associated with at least one post type.

Custom field Post types Type  Description
Object Identifier  object  text  Unique identifier for this object. This is auto generated.
Description  object,


textarea Brief description for cataloging purposes
Extent  object  text Number of parts
Condition object, acquisition  text Brief description of condition
Keywords object textarea Keywords or phrases linked to this object. Separate with a comma
Location Code location text A short code for the fixed location – eg CW1 for corridor wall 1. It should match the map of the site/museum
Movable unit code movable_unit text A short code for the movable unit. The unit should be marked with this code.
Location ID movable_unit text Location Id of the fixed location
Object ID location_history, object_image text ID of the post_type object
Location Description location_history text Title of the fixed location
Movable Unit Name location_history text Name of the movable unit
Date location_history text Location history date
Image attachment id object_image text Attachment Id of the image